Journal of Philosophy


Vol. IV, No. 1 (SPRING 2010)


Dale Jacquette

Liar Paradox and Substitution into Intensional Contexts Full Text


Book Reviews


Serena Parekh, Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of Modernity. A Phenomenology of Human Rights by Maciej Brachowicz Full Text


Cornelius Castoriadis, What Compounds Greece: from Homer to Heraclitus. Seminaires 1982-1983.  Human Creation II. [Lo que hace a Grecia, 1: De Homero a Heráclito: Seminarios 1982-1983. La creación humana II – 2004] by Maximiliano Korstanje Full Text


Jan Hartman, Przez filozofiê [Through Philosophy] by Jan Piasecki Full Text


Richard Dien Winfield, From Concept to Objectivity. Thinking Through Hegel’s Subjective Logic by Pawe³ Rojek Full Text


Taylor Carman, Merleau-Ponty by Marta Szabat Full Text