Journal of Philosophy


Vol. II, No. 1 (Spring 2008)



Emanuela Ceva, Impure procedural justice and the management of conflicts about values


Arkadiusz Chrudzimski, Truth, Concept Empiricism, and the Realism of Polish Phenomenology


Andrew Jorgensen, Understanding as Endorsing an Inference


Marek Kwiek, Revisiting The Classical German Idea of the University (On the Nationalization of the Modern Institution)


Robert Poczobut, Interdisciplinarity and Mind. An Onto-Methodological Perspective


Michael Shaffer, Re-formulating The Generalized Correspondence Principle: Problems and Prospects


Urszula Żegleń, Perceptual Identification – Representational or Not?In Search of the Cognitive Basis for Perceptual Identification




John Barker

Undeniably Paradoxical: Reply to Jacquette Full text


Dale Jacquette

Denying the Liar Reaffirmed Full text


Book Reviews


Thomas Polger, Natural Minds by Noel Boyle Full text


Duncan Pritchard, Epistemic Luck by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison Full text


Władysław Stróżewski, Istnienie i sens [Existence and Sense] by Jan Piasecki Full text


Nancy Sherman, Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy Behind the Military Mind by Melissa M. Shew Full text


Paweł Kawalec, Przyczyna i wyjaśnianie [Cause and Explanation] by Ryszard Wójcicki Full text

Notes on Books by Jan Woleński Full text