Journal of Philosophy

Roman Ingarden: Life and Philosophy

Władysław Stróżewski

Jesuit University of Philosophy and Education & Jagiellonian University

Abstract. My paper is devoted to the most important and fundamental issues of Roman Ingarden’s philosophy, including the contention between idealism and realism, the controversy between objectivism and subjectivism in the area of axiology, the problem of validity of cognition, and the structure and role of language. I argue for the claim that Ingarden solved several specific philosophical problems (like, for instance, the issue of causality, theory of systems, etc.) and he also frequently shed new light on various issues that had been discussed throughout the history of philosophy, showing how important and up to date they were. Moreover, it is worthy to say that his philosophy is analytical in nature, marked by the precise and subtle character of the analyses and the range of the examined problems, the whole in which every specific problem finds a proper place for itself. Back