Journal of Philosophy

Author Guidelines


The Polish Journal of Philosophy appears twice a year and publishes approximately 20 papers annually.


Submission of a manuscript is understood to imply that the paper is original, has not already been published as a whole or in substantial part elsewhere, and is not currently under consideration by any other journal.


Format Guidelines


The journal may reject submissions that do not conform to these guidelines.

  • The initial mode of contact should be the submission of a copy by email attachment.

  • In order that manuscripts may be blind-reviewed (i.e. read in ignorance of authorship), we request that names of authors and their institutional affiliations not appear on manuscripts or the electronic copy. However, a covering letter should include the title of the paper and all useful contact informationaddress, fax and phone numbers, email address, etc. In certain cases, the Editor-in-Chief may require that this be done before the paper is further considered.

  • No manuscripts will be returned; books sent for reviews will not be returned, whether reviewed or not.

  • Articles may be as short as 4,000 words but they may not exceed 8,000 words, including footnotes.

  • Book Reviews may not be longer than 2,000 words.

  • A brief abstract of approx. 150 words at the beginning of the paper is required.

  • Submissions should be double spaced, with wide right margin.

  • Endnotes are preferred to footnotes. They should be used sparingly and numbered consecutively. They should also be double spaced, with side margins.

  • All references should follow this style (load samples in the pdf format):

  • Books

    Lastname, Initial(s). (Year). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher.


    Ryle, G. (1949). The Concept of Mind. London: Hutchinson & Co.

    When there are more authors:

    Lastname, Initial(s), & Lastname, Initial(s). (Year). Title. Place: Publisher.


    Curry, H. B., & Feys, R. (1958). Combinatory Logic. Amsterdam: North-Holland.

    Translated Books

    Lastname, Initial(s). (Year). Title. (Initial(s) Lastname, Trans.). Place: Publisher (Date of Publication of the Original Work).


    Boscovich, R. J. (1966).  A Theory of Natural Philosophy. (J. M. Child, Trans.). Boston: MIT Press 1966 (Original work published in 1763).

    Articles in Anthologies

    Lastname, Initial(s). (Year). “Title.” In Editor’s Initial(s) Lastname (Ed(s).), Title of Anthology (Pages). Location: Publisher.


    Swinburne, R. (1980). “Properties, Causation, and Projectibility: Reply to Shoemaker.” In Cohen, L. J. & Hesse, M. (Eds.), Applications of Inductive Logic (313-320). Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    Articles in Periodicals

    Lastname, Initial(s). (Year). “Title of Article.” Title of Periodical, Volume (Issue), Pages.

    In case of periodicals with continuous pagination throughout the volume, the issue number may be omitted.


    Putnam, H.  (1995). “Pragmatism.” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 95, 291-306.


    Authors will receive one hard copy of the journal and a PDF of the printed work by email.


    See also Evaluation Policy


    Articles submitted for publication and other editorial communications and inquiries should be addressed to:


    Polish Journal of Philosophy

    Jagiellonian University

    Grodzka 52

    PL-31-044 Kraków