Journal of Philosophy

The Legitimacy of Metaphysics: Kant’s Legacy to Peirce, and Peirce’s to Philosophy Today

Susan Haack

University of Miami

Abstract: Part of Kant's legacy to Peirce was a lasting conviction that metaphysics is not irredeemable, but can and should be set "on the secure path of a science." However, Peirce's "scientific metaphysics", unlike Kant's, uses the method of science, i.e., of experience and reasoning; but requires close attention to experience of the most familiar kind rather than the recherché experience needed by the special sciences. This distinctively plausible reconception of what a genuinely scientific metaphysics would be is part of Peirce's legacy to philosophy today, enabling us to steer clear both of apriorism and of scientism -- the Scylla and Charybdis of recent metaphysics. Back 














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